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BDD Overview

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Cucumber-JVM Setup

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Functional Sprints, Boooo


A common problem I see in my coaching gigs is the creation of functional sprints. You know who you are, Mr. QA sprint. In this entry I’ll help you identify this process smell and provide techniques to bring the team back together within a single sprint. So let’s get rid of the dreaded “QA Sprint”, “BA Sprint”, or whatever other cool task related sprint your team has created.


SpecFlow Installation using NUnit

SpecFlow is open source and provided under the BSD license.  As part of the Cucumber family, SpecFlow uses the official Gherkin parser and provides integration to the .NET framework.

This entry describes how to install SpecFlow to run with NUnit. In a future post I’ll add instructions on setting up MSTest.

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Cucumber-JVM Installation using Maven

Cucumber-JVM is a pure Java implementation of the Cucumber.  This post is just a quick-start to get Cucumber-JVM up and running in Eclipse.  You must be running at least JRE 1.5.

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Scrum vs. Kanban: Sustained Engineering

Kanban Board

I’m a big fan of integrating all product work into the current sprint.  A clearer picture of the work to be done and how to prioritize it evolves when bugs, enhancements, risk items, and non-functional requirements are all prioritized in the same backlog.  But, there are times when an organization will split off bug fixes or quick patches and even quick turnaround features, like reports, into a separate team. 


Scrum Role, Please


“Hey, I’m a development manager and with this new Scrum thing what am I supposed to do?!”  said the manager beleaguered by loss of control.

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UI Testing with CUITe

The QA Guy

This blog entry is part of a multi-part series to incorporate Visual Studio Coded UI tests (CUIT) into a sophisticated data driven web application.